Who let the toys out?

First it was just a scurrying sound and a shape glimpsed from the corner of my eye. I shrugged it off as rats. They are nothing to worry about. Caligula likes rats. I carried on writing.

It was the low growl that got my attention. I have heard that growl before and only one creature on the planet can make that sound.

My old childhood toy, Scabby Ted.

I made haste to the dungeon, brushing past Father’s ghost. He had nothing to worry about, I wasn’t going to the vault. I had to visit the secure facility where the toys were stored.

The doors were open. Scabby Ted, Jugular the Clown and all the rest are on the loose. This is not a good thing, not good at all. These are Dume toys and they play rough. It’s going to take some time to round them all up.

What I have to wonder is, who let them out? Also, why?

More importantly, how did they do it without bleeding?

4 thoughts on “Who let the toys out?

    • I don’t know, JP. Scabby Ted sounds more like a bear to me.

      Er, Dumey, can you give us a fuller description of all the absconded toys? Joe Public needs to be fully informed of the dangers. I, um, wouldn’t mind knowing, too… *looks around nervously*

  1. I think that the toys might be easier to round up if bait were provided. Sending advertising fliers to local anti-smoking groups advertising a pipe smokers’ convention in Dume Towers is probably the best option. Pipe smokers are generally elderly and non-aggressive, hence perfect targets for self-righteous muppets.

    Such an advert ought to bring the Righteous in their droves to Dume Towers, where they can be helpfully permitted to wander where they please, but mostly directed to the dungeons, the better to get the toys back in there. I would think, though, that it might be only courteous to inform Death of incoming work, and perhaps ask Red Stan if he fancied popping round for a spot of creative smoking…

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