Things have happened.


Click dropped a flask. Not unusual in itself, although the contents were. We have mostly recovered now apart from Click who is still a gecko and it serves him right. I’d step on him if he wasn’t so fast. He’d better recover soon. It’s nearly time to prepare for our annual Snare Santa festivities.

So it’s catch-up time. The review I wrote for Carole Jahme’s vampire story ‘Worth Their Weight in Blood‘ is up, the one for the fascinating premise that is Geoff Nelder’s ‘ARIA: left luggage’ has yet to be sent in (it’s late), and there is a very nice writeup of ‘The Articles of Dume’ further down this page.

I have attempted to provoke Santa for years in the hope he will get angry enough to make a mistake and I have, it seems, succeeded with ‘A Christmas Contract’ which he reviewed anonymously and awarded a single star with a hint of paranoid delusion. I’m getting to you, Santa. Here’s another dig.

While I was a bearded dragon, ‘Samuel’s Girl’ finally made it into ePrint and is gradually spreading in print too. It’s now available from the publisher as well as on Barnes and Noble and on Amazon in Kindle and in print in the US, but not yet in legitimate print in the UK. Used copies are already available although the sellers don’t specify what they used them for so buy at your own risk.

I still think that cover is incredible. It’s worth the price just to have that image.

Now I have to deal with little Caligula who has decided that since we missed his birthday this year, we owe him presents with interest. It’s not even a month late but his interest rates would make a payday lender cringe. I will have to force some kind of compromise here.

Excuse me. Click is running across the ceiling again. Where’s my slingshot?