After-party relaxation.

Well, that’s Caligula’s birthday over for another year. Two years old. You wouldn’t think it, he’s only on his second set of teeth although the third row is starting to cut through. He had a great time, especially as many local children took the trouble to come to the door to be tricked.

Senga insists that it’s the visiting children who are supposed to do the tricks but Caligula and I agree that’s a silly way to do it. She also has this crazy idea that the tricks should not draw blood. What would be the point of that?

Death and Red Stan showed up, as did that wretched wraith Banquo. Every time there’s a feast, there he is. Nobody invites him.

The Professor wasn’t here. He was probably out hunting for something supernatural somewhere.

Little Caligula is safely tucked away in his secure room. He’s supposed to be asleep but I think I hear him practicing with his throwing knives. Let him play. It’ll help keep the rats under control. Now I can settle down to the latest issue of The Horror Zine.

I already have a copy of ‘What Fears Become’ but if you like the idea of a free one, there’s a competition until midnight.

If you lose, you might turn into a pumpkin, but that’s a chance you’ll have to take.

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