Phase 2 again.

I had a request for the full manuscript of ‘Samuel’s Girl’ last night. The publisher can still say ‘no’ at this stage but I have all my fingers crossed. I had to rescue some from Caligula’s toy box, those are a little bit chewed at the ends but every little helps.

So the second novel has reached phase two. I have the third almost ready to go into phase one, submission, so I’d better concentrate on that while I wait to hear about ‘Samuel’s Girl’. I don’t want to leave such a long gap between submissions this time.

There’s something about the amount of work that goes into a novel that puts me off the self-publishing route. I think they work best with a professional cover and after the attentions of a professional editor. Short stories are easy to self-edit but novels are almost impossible.

For the moment at least, short stories will go the self-publishing route and novels go through the traditional route.

This means I’ll have to work harder on that writing website. Soon I’ll need separate pages for each publishing method.

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