Fears of the old and the new.

Well, I have my practice volume prepared for marketing purposes. It won’t be easy. Lulu prices are on the high side because of the nature of their business, and postage can be steep in some places.
Therefore I have prepared the same book as an Ebook, which is cheaper and naturally has no postage costs attached to it. The stories are all previously published apart from two. Those two are so intertwined with other stories that they won’t sell on their own, not this long after the others came out. It made sense to put them next to their linked stories.
Now to see whether I can sell any.
These days, it’s not enough to be a writer. You have to be a salesman too. Art for art’s sake is all very fine and good but it pays no bills.
This book won’t pay any bills either but if I can get the marketing side of things right, then one day, when a novel comes out, I’ll know what to do.

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